Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring is a time for Change!

Well my friends, the time has come!  My little business is taking off.  I am as busy as ever and love every minute of it!  This will be my last post to 'My Life as a Craftaholic'. 

While that may seem sad, and a little dramatic...it's not!  I am SO EXCITED to announce my new blog; one that actually relates to my business!  You can find me at www.allthetrend.wordpress.com.  I sincerely hope that you'll check it out. 

I am excited to post all abut the fun things I am making, and you might even find a special coupon code for my shop every once in a while! 

Thanks so much for your support.  Hopefully my new blog won't disappoint. 

This is Tami, signing off!  ;)

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