Friday, February 20, 2009

Ribbon Skirt

I saw something like this around Christmas time, and I have been SO excited to have an excuse to try to make one myself. With one little boy and another one on the way, little girl skirts are something we just have no need for in our house :). Lucky for me one of Kyle's best friends is an adorable little girl who just turned 4 and is having a birthday party this Saturday! FINALLY a legitimate reason to try my hand at making a ribbon skirt. (We're coupling it with a cute fru-fru white shirt and white leggings, and some matching hair-bows that I am going to make.) I am super pleased with how it turned out. Not only does it make a plain denim skirt colorful and fun, but it adds a little length to it to make it just that much more modest. - Hopefully we can get Hannah to put on the outfit so that I can take a picture of it in action!

I didn't follow any set of directions to make the skirt, just kind of figured it out on my own. If you'd like to duplicate it and can't figure it out, leave me a comment and I can walk you through it. It'd call it a beginner/innermediate project. Not necessarily hard, just time consuming.

1 comment:

  1. That skirt is soooo stinkin' cute!!! So, you just bought the jean skirt and sewed the ribbon on? It is seriously so cute, now I need to think of a reason to make one!