Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Birthday Shirt

A friend recently contacted me and asked if I could make a shirt for her daughter's birthday this week. She's turning 6 and asked her mom if she could get a new '6' shirt for her big day. The only direction I was given was that she would be pairing the top with a tutu skirt in either orange, dark pink, or light pink.
I was pretty pumped when I found some material I had on hand with ALL THREE COLORS! Perfect! She can wear it with whichever skirt her little heart desires. I think it turned out pretty cute, and my friend LOVED it, which was most important!

The '6' is appliqued to the shirt then top-stitched for durability. I added the cute little bows on the sleeves for a little pop. (I tied the bows and then stitched them on using the button stitch on my machine...they are on there nice and snug and are totally washable.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I've been busy again! Sewing purses this time...

Two down and two to go.
The best part? My beautiful model! Seriously, I wish I was a better photographer, she's gorgeous. Thanks Kayleigh for helping me show off my bags!

Monday, March 14, 2011

new quilt start

What I've been up to yesterday and today...I got a bee up my bonnet yesterday to start a new quilt. I'm using this tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman as my inspiration, but taking it to a direction all my own! If it turns out even partially like I see in my mind, I think it's going to be pretty cool.This is my first attempt at a 'artsy fartsy' / improvisational / abstract quilt. I'm actually really excited. (I came to terms a while back that I am as much of a crafty nerd as my awesome husband is a computer nerd. I get oddly WAY excited over random new projects.)

I've given myself a deadline of the end of the month for this quilt, so hopefully I'll have a finished product to share in a couple of weeks!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Car Seat Tents

I've been a busy little bee lately. Sewing like crazy! Not a whole lot of exciting stuff to show off here though, I've just mainly been working on filling up my little shop.
Today's finished projects... Car Seat Tents.I never really found a tutorial for these that I liked, so I made my own. I'm happy to share my dimensions and directions if anyone is interested. Just leave me a comment!

Happy Friday Y'all!

Friday, March 4, 2011


It's about dang time! I finally pulled out the embroidery module that I purchased with my sewing machine over three years ago. I've used loved and abused my sewing machine in the past three years, but was afraid to tackle the embroidery portion for some reason. It was all just a bit intimidating, especially because I am starting with no knowledge or past experience. I don't live close to a Bernina dealer, so I cant even really take classes on it. Here's to trial and error!In the past week or so since I have pulled it out, loaded the program on my laptop, and tried a few stitch outs, I have already made a bunch of mistakes - but I have also learned a bit!
My first 'real' project? I am making personalized receiving blankets for a friend of mine's photography business. She is giving them as gifts to her newborn sessions. Pretty snazzy eh?
I can't wait to get more and more familiar with my embroidery machine and software. I think the options will be limitless once I get it figured out!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My online shop is OPEN!

It has been a LONG time coming, but as of yesterday my online shop is open once again! At a new exciting OWN URL!! Etsy has been good to me, but I was ready to have a shop of my own. I haven't had the chance to list ALL of my products quite yet, but a good handfull of them are there.

Drop by if you get the chance!

In the next week or two I'll be having my official 'Grand Re-Opening' with sales and great offers (and possibly even a give away or two!) Keep an eye on my blog for details!