Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grandpa's birthday gift

So this is a pretty random gift, but my son is going to give this to my dad, a.k.a Grandpa Milt, a.k.a. Golf Coach for his birthday.
I made myself a sassy little golf towel a while ago and am loving it. I think the personalized idea is a lot of fun. My dad helped Kyle with some things this summer and called him his golf coach. I thought he would get a kick out of his new golf towel.

The letters are appliqued and then blanket stitched. I added a fancy grommet to make it feel a little more polished than just a simple button hole, and picked up the little caribbeaner from a local mountain sports store.

Like I said, it's a pretty random gift, buy my dad is the kind of guy that is impossible to buy for. If nothing else, he'll get a chuckle out of it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Teachin' some craftin'!

What is more fun than crafting? Teaching a few adorable teenage girls how to do it on their own! I've been telling Kourtni and Kayleigh for a while now that I'd love to show them how to make some of the fun stuff that they have seen me make. Kayleigh finally took me up on my offer. It was spirit week at her high school last week. These are the fun shirts we came up with for her and a couple of her friends. I can't take credit for the saying, Kayleigh came up with that. I just taught them how do to freezer paper stencils to paint their shirts. We also added some much needed 'bling' to complete the look!What a fun project! I had a great time working on it with the girls.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

So, it's nothing too original, but for my mom's birthday last week she got this in the mail...
The pattern does not call for a strip of velcro on the inside, that was my addition. Grandma S is kind of obsessed with being able to close her purses/bags up!
The colors are not usually a pallet I would choose for myself, but the bag was for my awesome mom, not for me! The patterns and colors scream Grandma S!

In case you are not familiar with it, this pattern is Amy Butler's Birdie Sling. I'm in love with the pattern and bag. Back when I had Baby C, one was given to me as a gift for a diaper bag. I'm still using it. I've now made a couple of them as gifts for some of my favorite people. If you've never sewn a purse or bag before, this would be a great place to start. It is pretty basic. (Side note, just because it is basic does not mean it is cheap to make...after getting all the nice fabric there is a ton of interfacing, etc. to buy. It is worth it though.)

And of course I didn't take pictures, but I also included about a dozen various hand-made cards along with the bag for her to add to her stash.

Happy Monday!