Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall Quilt

So my mother-in-law finished this quilt top last fall. She promptly sent it my way and asked me to quilt it.I put it on my to-do list...and there it sat. For almost a whole year. Oops! Now that fall is officially on its way, I knew there could be no more procrastinating. Just this last week I got it basted, quilted, bound and sent back to Utah!

I had a really tough time deciding how to quilt this, which is a great part of the procrastination. I LOVE free-motion quilting, but the inspiration on how to go about this quilt kept alluding me. I finally had to just jump in. Here's what I decided to do...

I 'traced' each of the pumpkins and leaves on the panel and stippled the dark brown 'background'. Then I decided to straight line quilt through the blocks bordering the panel, and then stipple the far outside edges. It's a little crazy, but I think I'm happy with how it turned out.

I'm excited to hear what my mother-in-law's reaction is to it. She didn't give me any direction on how she'd like it quilted, so I just hope she's happy with it.

Since she's family and all, and since I had the top in my possession for so long, I decided to bind it for her too, so she could get a finished quilt in the mail.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brynn's Party Dress

My friend's daughter, Little Miss Brynn, turned 3 this week! Always looking for an excuse to sew something fru-fru, I made her a little party dress for her big day...She loved it! I was afraid that the boa around the bottom would be a little over the top, but she thought it was great. She kept telling everyone at her party how pretty she looked and then she would twist side to side to make the dress swish and twist. So cute!The dress was just a simple 'tube' style dress that I shirred on the top. The straps were a mini tube of material with thin elastic pulled through. Because I couldn't think of another way to add it, I hand-stitched the boa around the bottom. Simple, and cute, just how I like it!

For some great tutorials/tips & tricks using elastic thread to do shirring, check out these links...
1 - Your Fabric Place
2 - Pattern Review dot com
3 - About dot com thread

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Diaper/Wipe Clutch - Baby Shower Gift

I'm going to a baby shower in a couple of weeks. I LOVE baby showers! I LOVE making things for people that I actually know. (I obviously love making things for people I don't know too, or else I wouldn't have a little business.) I'm not so much in love with baby showers that request unisex gifts because the gender of the baby is unknown. It takes the fun out of fru-fru ribbons and bows for a girl, or cute dinos and trucks for a boy, you know what I mean? Anywho, I did the best I could for a unisex gift, and this is what I came up with...I wish I could claim this cute Diaper/Changing Pad Clutch, but I made it from a pattern. (pattern by All My Bags & Quilts Too) The pattern comes with directions for the clutch and a changing pad.The covered travel wipes case is my addition.
The blues and browns lean towards boy, but with the orange and paisley print, I felt thought it could easily be a girls gift too. I'm a pretty firm believer that girls can get away with just about any color, but boys can't! I may not be fashion forward enough, but I just don't think pink is a color for boys.

'm giving the soon to be mommy this clutch and a box of size 1 diapers. Hopefully she'll like it. It's not super personalized, but without knowing the sex of the baby, I did the best I could.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

my new messenger bag

I am constantly drawn to messenger bags. Doesn't matter whether they are in a store, catalog, or hanging from somebody's shoulder; I love them. I've wanted to make one for myself for a LONG time. Well...I finally got around to it!I'm not going to lie, I pretty much love how it turned out. So cute, and so functional!I didn't follow anybody's pattern, just kind of came up with it on my own. There are lots of tutorials out here in blog-land for messenger bags, but none of them were exactly what I had in mind, so I figured a way to make it exactly like what I had in mind! :)The exterior of the bag was made using one charm pack (Panache, by Moda), and I just used a khaki neutral for the interior. Even though there are a TON of tuts out in blog-land for messenger bags, I'm thinking of making one up for this bag too. It is just enough different that I think people might like it, and the fact that it uses just one charm pack + the fabric for the interior makes it inexpensive too! Would you be interested in learning to make one?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Golf Towel

Here's a little nugget about me that you probably didn't know...I like to golf!

As if I didn't already have a few hundred other things on my plate right now, I decided this summer that I really like golfing. (Translate - I LIKE golfing, I am a golfer, I am not good at golfing!) Growing up, my parents and brothers played golf, but I never got the itch to play. I am married to a wonderful man who loves golfing (and actually is pretty decent!), and I have a five year old who is enamored with the sport. I guess it was inevitable that golfing would become a part in my life too. I must admit, now that I've given it a chance, (loosing some weight has definitely made it more enjoyable too) I'm HOOKED!

So, when one is a crafter and finds herself in need of a golf towel, one can not just buy a regular old golf towel, one must make a personalized golf towel!Half a hand towel, some scrap fabric, a little wonder under, and a few minutes at the sewing machine and...voila!
I made it just for fun for me to enjoy, you know, a little piece of my personality out on the course, but I actually think my mom and sister-in-laws might be getting something like it as part of their Christmas gifts. I won't subject my husband to something so 'cutsey', but my 5 year old, Kyle would probably get a kick out of a towel for his golf bag that has his name on it too. Oh the possibilities!
(K-man getting ready to head out golfing with dad.)

Do you want one for yourself or someone you love? Feel free to contact me, I'm sure we can figure something out!