Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brynn's Party Dress

My friend's daughter, Little Miss Brynn, turned 3 this week! Always looking for an excuse to sew something fru-fru, I made her a little party dress for her big day...She loved it! I was afraid that the boa around the bottom would be a little over the top, but she thought it was great. She kept telling everyone at her party how pretty she looked and then she would twist side to side to make the dress swish and twist. So cute!The dress was just a simple 'tube' style dress that I shirred on the top. The straps were a mini tube of material with thin elastic pulled through. Because I couldn't think of another way to add it, I hand-stitched the boa around the bottom. Simple, and cute, just how I like it!

For some great tutorials/tips & tricks using elastic thread to do shirring, check out these links...
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  1. She LOVED this dress....thank you sooo much!!! She wanted to wear it the next day, but it wasn't exactly clean from all her partying the night before. Thank you sooo much!!!!