Thursday, September 9, 2010

my new messenger bag

I am constantly drawn to messenger bags. Doesn't matter whether they are in a store, catalog, or hanging from somebody's shoulder; I love them. I've wanted to make one for myself for a LONG time. Well...I finally got around to it!I'm not going to lie, I pretty much love how it turned out. So cute, and so functional!I didn't follow anybody's pattern, just kind of came up with it on my own. There are lots of tutorials out here in blog-land for messenger bags, but none of them were exactly what I had in mind, so I figured a way to make it exactly like what I had in mind! :)The exterior of the bag was made using one charm pack (Panache, by Moda), and I just used a khaki neutral for the interior. Even though there are a TON of tuts out in blog-land for messenger bags, I'm thinking of making one up for this bag too. It is just enough different that I think people might like it, and the fact that it uses just one charm pack + the fabric for the interior makes it inexpensive too! Would you be interested in learning to make one?

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