Sunday, July 5, 2009

Freezer Paper Art!

I have totally fallen in love with freezer paper stenciling. It is so much fun. What ever you can dream up, you can make into a stencil. Below is one of my latest creations...The story: Colby was delivered by c-section. When the doctor delivered him I could hear the doctor and nurses (my husband and mom too for that matter!) saying "he's tiny, just a little peanut." After they confirmed to me that yes, he was small, but healthy and well, I'm pretty sure that I made a comment much the same as everyone else. Needless to say, the nick-name kind of stuck. I couldn't resist making this onesie.

This is another t-shirt that I made as a birthday gift for one of my son's bestest buddies, Carson. (Carson LOVES playing RockBand on the XBOX, the gift was a success!)

1 comment:

  1. Tami, Colby is soo cute! congratulations on having such a handsome little man!