Sunday, May 24, 2009

One more gift set!

Okay, so I don't want to overkill the gift set thing, but I just had to post one more! This one is actually for my little one as well (I'm having fun spoiling him already!) It's technically a gift for my husband, who is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan. I know that by making some 'manly' burp rags he won't mind carrying them around as much! The fun thing is that I didn't have to buy anything new to make any of it, it was all scraps and such that I had on hand. (I made my husband and son matching pajama pants for fun christmas gifts this year, the Seahawks material was all left-over scraps from making the pants.)
The one new thing I tried was the texture/taggie block. It was way easy and super fun to make. I definitely think I'll have to add these to my repitoire! They can be made up with scraps of material and whip up quickly. I foresee all baby gifts in the future that I give to include a taggie block! (Oh yea, I put a couple small jingle bells inside the batting too for a little fun extra noise.)


  1. I love it!! Seriously, you're spoiling that kid already....and you're not leaving anything for me to make for him :) Great job...i love the block!!

  2. So, I am admitting here and now that i follow/stock your blog. You are so crafty! It is very impressive. Such cute things! I am wondering if you could put up directions for the taggie blog. It looks like something that I MIGHT want to try even though I am not crafty. Thanks!

  3. Andrea - Thanks! I'll totally take it as a compliment. I'm a blog stocker too, so I know what you mean! - Give me a day or to and I'll post a quick tutorial for the block.