Friday, May 22, 2009

Tried Something New!

I am super excited to have found another fun creative outlet! I came across this article a week or two ago and decided I just HAD to give it a try. With one almost four year old boy, and another on the way I am always looking for crafty projects I can do for my boys. (I mean lets be honest here, it is SO much more fun to sew a ruffle dress than a pair of bermuda shorts!) This is something I can do for them that is way easy, and fun, yet I'm pretty sure they won't be embarrassed about in the future!

Here is my first go at Freezer Paper Stenciling...I'm definitely happy with how it turned out, and I know Kyle is going to LOVE it! I bought two other t-shirts to practice on too, I just haven't decided what to put on them.

If you are at all interested in how to do this, check out the article above. The process is painfully easy and FUN! I can't wait to make more.


  1. I love it!!! I'm just a little jealous that I missed out on all the fun...we'll have to have a shirt stenciling party!!

  2. Do you happen to have that article saved on your computer? The link is not working.