Friday, April 16, 2010

Show and Tell

So, our family blog is where I post all the cute pictures of my boys growing up. (We live in Virginia, and the majority of our family lives in Utah/Idaho/Arizona.) But for a fun two little men go to be models for our shop's photo shoot! (So being a proud mom, I just had to post!)

As you can see, they are featuring our crazy cute t-shirt tie and tie-onesies. The ultimate in 'dressy casual', a must for every trendy little man's wardrobe! (More tops will be added to the etsy shop this afternoon.)

Side note - My selvage quilt is definitely coming along. I don't get to work on it quite as much as I'd like, but its looking great. The main part of the top is sewn together, I'm just working on the border now. I'll show a photo when I completely finish the top!

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