Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hostess Gift

I thought I'd round out 2009 with one last little post.

A couple of years ago, my husband's aunt introduced me to 'hostess gifts'. I love the idea, it is very southern hospitality like. I realize this is nothing new, but I love it nonetheless. Really it is nothing more than giving a gift to your host/hostess whether it be for a party you were invited to, or somebody's house you are visiting for the weekend. I loved the first time they came to stay with us and brought an adorable cookie jar. It's just nice to receive gifts for no other reason than because you are letting people into you home one way or another.

Anywho, we are headed to a New Year's Eve party tonight at a friend's house. The party theme is 'Tropical'. This was just a little something I came up with to say thank you. Sparkling Cider and can't go wrong!

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