Friday, January 1, 2010

Snow Family

Happy New Year!

I'm excited that my first post of the new year will be a QUILT! I LOVE quilting. I don't have enough time to quilt nearly as much as I'd like. Piecing a top and then quilting it have to be two of my favorite sewing projects. (Although oddly enough, I LOATHE basting the quilt.)

This quilt project I titled 'Snow Family'. (I had every intention of getting it off to my in-laws for a Christmas gift, but didn't quite get it done in time. I'm sending it tomorrow since the Post Office is closed today!) The snowman material is a panel that I bought a few years ago with my in-laws in mind. I picked up the rest of the material at my local quilt shop (actually the green material for the letters came from my stash.) Overall, I am happy with the finished product, although it had to grow on me. I loved the top, before it was quilted, but then once I quilted it...the jury was out. The white thread on the blue and red is a little bold. I did kind of a double loop stitching that I first saw on crazy mom quilts. (Her version looks oodles better than mine, but I'm getting better!) Now that it is bound and ready to go, it looks better and is growing on me. I'm sure that they'll love it regardless! (I mean really, isn't that a parent's job? To love anything that their children give them?)
Finished Size 43"x47" (Almost square, not on purpose. I didn't have a pattern for this quilt, it just kind of grew. It's just big enough to cover cold toes on a chilly winter night!)

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  1. Ooh...I like that double loopy quilting...I think it looks awesome!! They are going to love it!!!