Sunday, January 3, 2010

a 'just because' gift

I'm still feeling the Christmas spirit of love and giving. I want it to last well into the new year. I'm hoping that by acting on that feeling it won't fade as quickly.

One of my new year goals is to make something for somebody else at least once a month...just because. While most people already probably do this sort of thing, with a young family (and my 7 month old who is constantly crabby) I don't get to serve others and give as much as I'd like. I'm going to make more of an effort to do so this year. Even if it is only 12 times. Twelve is a start, right?

1 of 12 - I have a friend who is great. She's a true friend through and through. She is also a GREAT cook. She spent a year and a half living in Japan in her early 20's and can make Japanese food like nobody's business. (Bring on the GIOZA!) I figured somebody who likes to cook can never have enough aprons! So Sumer, this one is for you!
I've made this same pattern a hand full of times. I love it. I have one for myself that I use pretty much every day. It whips up in an afternoon of sewing. The pattern is by 'The Apron Lady Designs' and is called 'Flirty Skirty.'

after hearing from some of my friends that they love the idea of 'just because' gifts, I decided to issue a challenge!

My challenge to you. - Join in on the fun! Make an effort to give somebody a totally unexpected gift each month...Just Because! Why? Everybody love presents, I don't care who you are. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy to receive one. Let's spread the warmth and love this year.

If you want to participate (and I SO hope you do!) grab the 'just because' gift challenge button on my side bar and add it to your blog. Leave me a comment with your blog address as well...maybe you'll be the next person chose to receive one of my next 'just because' gifts!


  1. What a great make something for somebody ELSE once a month. I think I might have to copy. Although, my stuff won't be nearly as lovely as yours.
    Beautiful apron!!

  2. What a cute apron!! I love it!

  3. That is a cute idea! I think that I could do it- February will be interesting though because that is when I'm due to have baby but the rest of the months should be doable!

  4. Very nice idea. But it sounds like you could use some "just because" gifts too. I remember having a 7 month old and some days I felt like all I did was serve someone else!