Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas card recycle

If you are like me, come the beginning of the new year, you have a handful of Christmas cards that you're not sure what to do with. I always hate just tossing them, but I'm not necessarily a clutter collector either. My suggestion...look closely at them and maybe there will be a few you can recycle/upcycle into Thank You cards or handmade cards for next Christmas.

Here is my example. Both of my boys got this card from their Great-Grandparents...
I needed to send out a bunch of Thank You cards to family and friends for Christmas gifts and such, so I came up with this...Ten hand made thank you cards that took me less than half an hour. Yes, they are simple, but they'll get the job done and the cost very little to make. (For speed purposes I bought the 'Thank you' words from JoAnns, which made the process even easier.)

Anywho, I know this concept is nothing new, but maybe it'll spark an idea in your brain as to how you could use some of your left-over cards.

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