Friday, January 15, 2010

starting a new project...

I am SO excited to be starting this project, I can hardly stand it! I've wanted to make one since I very first saw it, but it's taken until now to feel like my 'stash' is big enough.

I'll give you three clues.

Clue #1Clue #2Clue #3So, did you guess it? The third picture is kind of a dead give-away! I'm starting my first Selvage quilt! This time last year, I wouldn't have had any idea what a Selvage quilt was, but I came across this blog, and have been totally intrigued since. I love a bunch of the projects that she has featured, but my favorite for sure is her quilt titled 'Red Zinger'.
(This is the photo of her quilt from her blog.)

So I am attempting to make my own zinger quilt, but with the cool aqua/green color from above. It'll take some time to make, so don't be expecting any pictures of a 'done' quilt soon, but I plan on sharing my little progresses as they come.

A lot of the selvage edges that I am using are from my stuff, but I also want to thank my awesome friend Lynette, my sister-in-law Teresa, and my mom's good friend Janice for saving their selvages for me too. You ladies are the best!

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  1. WOW good luck on that!!! It looks like it will be awesome in the end!