Friday, August 20, 2010

Off to School!

It's hard to believe. We've waited for this day since he was a baby, and yet it seems to have come way too fast. My oldest, Kyle, starts Kindergarten on Monday. He is SO excited he can hardly stand it, and I am excited for him. This is one of those big steps in growing up!

The school requested each child to bring a towel with their name on it for 'rest time'. I couldn't just send him in with a towel that had his name written on it with a sharpie, so in true craftaholic fashion...Kyle got to choose the towel color, which I totally think is fun, and then I just free-handed the letters on some wonder-under and appliqued the fabric letters to the towel. For security, I blanket stitched around each letter. He likes it, and I got to 'craftify' it...its a win win!Wish me luck, Monday could be a little rough around here!


  1. That is pretty fantastic, I would go the same direction- that was much more fun than writing with a sharpie!

  2. Love it! My daughter is starting Kindergarten next month and this is exactly what I wanted to make her!