Tuesday, August 31, 2010

attempt at making jewelry

I am a self diagnosed craftaholic. (My husband definitely concurs with the diagnosis, although, he must be okay with it because he's never enrolled me in a recovery class. *lol*) I've tried my hand at just about everything. I love a challenge. Sewing, quilting, and papercrafting are my favs, but there is other stuff I can pull off too.

This weekend I tried my hand at jewelry making. Nothing too fancy, and I had to work with tools not necessarily designed for said project, but not a total disaster either. My friend's adorable daughter was baptized on Saturday, so this is the little keepsake bracelet I came up with...It is far from perfect, but it made for one happy little eight year old girl! I found the little photo frame charms at my local craft store, along with the other findings. I had fun making this bracelet, because of who it was for, but I'm not sure I am sold on making my own jewelry from here on out yet. I might leave that for my talented friends and sister-in-laws who actually know what they are doing!

Here is to trying something new! What have you challenged yourself to try new lately? I'd love to know.

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