Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Matching diaper changing clutch

Sheesh! I didn't mean for there to be such a delay between postings, but life happens, please forgive me. On the flip side, I guess I was just having too much fun over the Thanksgiving holiday to even get online! This diaper/wipe/changing pad clutch was a companion piece to the quilt from the previous quilt post. I made it with left-over scraps from the quilt, and a few extra scraps from my stash. It's kind of crazy, but cute, and because it matches the quilt, it's extra adorable!I love the design of this little clutch. It fits nicely inside a diaper bag, and when you have a diaper to change, all you have to take with you to the bathroom is the clutch, vs. the whole diaper bag. There is a pocket for the changing pad, and another pocket for travel wipes and a couple diapers.
I'm pretty sure that these plush covered travel wipes cases are my new favorite baby gift. They are quick to whip up, and so adorable. It's way more fun to get wipes out of something so cute rather than a plastic bag! Because I know the mommy this one is for, and because I haven't gotten do do a lot of girly accessories lately I had to girlify it a little extra with the sweet little ribbon bow. A fun touch.


  1. I love love love this! It is absolutely adoreable! Do u by any chance have a pattern or tutorial for this? I recently made a diaper bag and would love to add this to it!

  2. I second on that tutorial! I would love to make this for my newborn niece better sister in law lol. Thank You. I seen your fiends post were she borrowed your pattern.

  3. I have a new little guy and am interested in makeing this. Do you by any chance have a pattern or tutorial for this?