Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tye-Die and Pouff Decor!

I was lucky enough to host the baby shower for one of my dear friends. (The last two posts were gifts for her and her soon to be!) This being her first child and first baby shower, I wanted the decor to be fun and visible, but not too over the top. The final product was perfectly fun!
Not meant to be the spotlight, but turned out to be was the tye-dye clothes line. My super cute teenage crafter friend (first introduced in this post) came over one night and we had a tye-dye party! Kayleigh is a pro at doing tye-dying, so she taught me some of her skilz. I think this new little baby girl is going to be the hippest gal around. We had such a fun time creating. I can't wait to try my hand at tye-dying again.
And the other baby shower stand by decor...Martha Stewart's pouf balls! These three big ones were over the center of the food table, and then there were a bunch of smaller ones hanging from the ceiling of the family room (as seen in the first photo.)

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