Saturday, January 21, 2012

The cutest Pachyderm around!

I've made a whole herd of these cuties over the past two months.
Lots of color combinations.Lots of fiber fill.
Lots of smiles!

I found the original pattern and tutorial here, on the Riley Blake Designs Blog. I instantly fell in love. Of course, in my haste to make so many and get them in the mail as gifts I managed to only get a picture of one of them.

Not all of them came with a story, but I was 'on one' the day 'Punja' found her new home. She was made for an adorable neighbor of mine who saw the first elephant I made and had the guts to ask me to make one for her too. The elephant was left on the doorstep of her house with this note attached about her 'journey' to Abbey's house. It was fun. Abbey loves her elephant and takes it to school in her backpack almost every day to school!

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