Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recent 'Custom' Birthday Shirts

I LOVE when people contact me and ask me to make fun stuff for their kids. I've recently had two separate customers ask for custom birthday shirts for their boys.

Order number one...

I was told that her soon-to-be 7 and 4 year old boys were having a reptile themed (combined) birthday party. She asked me to come up with number shirts to go with the theme.
Aren't these snakes just adorable?! I did a google search for 'cartoon snakes' for ideas, then combined a few and came up with my own original designs.My boys loved them and asked if I would make shirts like that for their next birthday's, so I guess we can call that a success!

Order number two...

The request was pretty simple. A birthday shirt for a FIRST birthday! She asked for primary colors and his name 'nice and big'. Mom was happy...and that's what matters!

I love getting to make a variety of things. It what makes my 'job' so great! Thank you SO much too all my customers who give me their business and trust me to come up with fun creative tops for their children.

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