Sunday, February 12, 2012

Argyle Hearts

One of my son's best friends is a sweet and sassy little girl named Hannah. She is full of energy and as cute as they come. AND...luckily for me, in dress, she is ALL GIRL! I say lucky for me, because her birthday gives me an excuse each year to put together something super girly. (With two little boys, its something I look forward to!)

I am sad that I didn't take a picture of the complete outfit, but this is the top I came up with for her.I love argyle. I love the 'preppy' look and clean lines. Being able to girlify by adding hearts is fun!
We paired the top with a super cute brown and pink polka dot petti-skirt. It'll be a fun outfit for her to wear this week for Valentines, but versatile enough to wear any time.

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