Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my relaxing weekend

I was able to spend this last weekend with my boys visiting my in-laws in Fairview, Utah. (Sanpete County, Central Utah) They live in a beautiful mountain resort. Visiting them is always a great opportunity to enjoy fresh mountain air and some much needed r & r. How cool is it that we got to see these just off their back deck?Definitely cool!

I couldn't miss the opportunity to visit a cute little quilt shop in the area! The shop is in Ephriam, Utah and is called the Fabric Shack. (It's on the corner of Main Street and 300 South) While it isn't a whole lot to look at from the exterior, it is seriously one of my new favorites. Why? Because they have TONS of Moda material in all the new hot lines. The amount of fabric they fit in that shop is amazing. Also, they are on average a dollar cheaper per yard than any of the shops down in the Salt Lake Valley. That's enough for my business! If you ever find yourself in the Sanpete Valley, it's worth the stop!

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