Thursday, May 27, 2010

baby shower gift..

So this cute woman that I go to church with is having baby girl #3. It's pretty exciting, seeing as #2 is only 12 months old! There is going to be some crazy times in that household and one tired mommy.

I thought a little something special for the new baby was in order! I kind of just came up with this little quilt on the fly, using stuff from my stash...And because a new mom can NEVER have too many burp rags, I embellished a couple to match the blanket too. Just a little something extra!

I've never quilted flannel or minky material before, but it went just fine. I just decided to do a big stipple, as I didn't want to minimize the soft minky material. The quilt measures about 42"x42". I had every intention of making this a light summer quilt, but it ended up kind of heavy. Hopefully they'll be able to use it one way or another!

And because I think this picture of my baby is super cute, I had to post it too! My hubby and youngest...Colby. (As you can see, my boys get their beautiful blue eyes from their handsome daddy!) It's crazy to believe that Colby is turning ONE tomorrow. Happy Birthday baby boy!

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