Friday, July 9, 2010


I was away last week at girls camp. (Church camp for young ladies, ages 12-17) Our theme for the week was 'Be All That You Can Be.' We went with the whole camo look to match our theme. Before heading off to camp, I wanted to make a little something special for the ladies who would be cooking our food the whole week. Making camo cute isn't too easy, but I gave it my best try...
Notice the 'bling' on the pockets? That was my favorite part of the above apron. My attempt to make it girly.
This apron was a little more simple, but the ruffles on the pocket and polka-dot straps helped to girlify it a bit!

And these are the two kitchen angels who cooked our YUMMY food for the week. They ROCKED the kitchen and made awesome food. Not an easy task when feeding 150 people three times a day. Thanks again ladies!

*FYI - the first apron is a pattern that I purchased a while back called 'Flirty Skirty'. The other one I just winged. I used a basic apron that I was given years ago to help size it correctly, but from there it was all me! It was SUPER SIMPLE.

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