Monday, July 12, 2010

another book-purse!

I tend to fall in love with something, and then can't resist making lots. Here is another book-purse that I finished last night...Even after making three of these bags (here is the first one...) I still love the novelty of them. The idea is so original and such a conversation piece.

Just like the last one, this purse is for a friend of ours that just graduated from high-school. While the purses are adorable, and oh so much fun, realistically they aren't too practical. It shouldn't be used if there is a chance of rain...because the outside really is just a hard cover book, and it can only carry small things, like a thin wallet, lip gloss, cell phone and small ring of keys. As a mom, I could get away using it only on girls nights out, when I don't have to bring the kitchen sink in a diaper bag, but for these younger ladies who don't have so much junk...perfect!

If you'd like to make one of these super fun purses yourself, click on the link above for the first book-purse I made, and that will take you to the tutorial.

Happy crafting!!

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