Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recycled Shirt Hoodie

This is a milestone! I finally made something for my oldest son...and he loves it! I'm always making things for other people and to sell, but when Kyle asked me who this was for, he got so excited when I said HIM.

I used Lil Blue Boo's pattern and tutorial that you can get here.
It was actually really easy to make. I was able to get it cut out and sewn all in just one day. What's even better is that it is from old shirts that were in my thrift pile.
I guess it really is true that 'trash' can be made into 'treasure'! I can't wait to try variations on the pattern for other looks.

If you are a beginner sewer, this is totally a project for you. It was basic, the instructions and pictures are clear, and it is quick. All of which are a bonus!

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  1. That shirt looks awesome!!!! It looks like you bought it! wow!!! i love it! and it looks like Kyle loves it too...great job!

    I love your little denim bracelets too...super cute idea!