Monday, March 15, 2010

table topper

I'm not sure what to call this. It's not big enough to be a table cloth. It's the wrong size to be a table runner. Really it is just a glorified big ole' hot pad! (22" x 22")We just got a brand new table. I've been waiting eight and a half years of marriage to get a nice kitchen table, and my dream finally came true! (Okay, that is a little miss-leading. We actually have a nice formal dining room set that we got a few years ago and love, but it's not something we use on a daily basis.) We've lived with hand-me-downs since 2001. I think my excitement over the new table is almost unreasonable, but I'm pumped! - That being said, I want to keep it nice for as long as possible! My husband suggested that we should have something in the middle of the table to put serving stuff on so that we avoid scratches (we've got place mats to eat on too). I whipped this up with the left over material from my apron.

I've wanted a good excuse to try this type of quilting for a long time. I recently got myself a walking foot. I was kind of an unbeliever that I could quilt like this without any puckers, but IT WORKED!! I think that spray basting is the key.

I'm excited to try straight line quilting on bigger quilts now.

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